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E-Demon (2018)

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On a mission to bring the Devil to Earth, an escaped demon manipulates a group of friends hanging out on a video-chat. Since this ruthless demon can possess multiple people at once, knowing who to trust is the key to survival.

Debi (2018)

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This is a story leading life of Ranu (Joya Ahsan) and her ESP powers.They go to psychatristcs Misir ali (Chanchal chowdhury) for solution.


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In a not too distant future, the giant spacecraft Svea XVI travels with only two passengers: 12-year-old Gladys and her little brother Keaton. The children have fled from a broken Earth and...

The Wind (2018)

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A supernatural thriller set in the Western frontier of the late 1800's, The Wind stars Caitlin Gerard (INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY) as a plains-woman driven mad by the harshness and isolation ...

Jhangadgutta (2018)

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Jayant Sawarkar,Sanjay Khapre,Jaywant Wadkar,Kishori Shahane,Bharat Ganeshpure,

Les vieux fourneaux (2018)

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Three elderly men who have been friends since the 1960s bond over their lifetime of experiences together despite their differences.

Oru Adaar Love (2018)

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Omar Lulu, who shot to fame with the surprise hit 'Happy Wedding,' is known to feature new faces in his projects.

Portugal Não Está à Venda (2018)

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Pedro Teixeira,Rita Pereira,Ana Zanatti,Maria Vieira,Dalila Carmo,

Jessica Forever (2018)

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Aomi Muyock,Sebastian Urzendowsky,Paul Hamy,Lukas Ionesco,Théo Costa-Marini,

Elvy's Wereld So Ibiza! (2018)

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Elvy, who is determined to win the Future Fashion Award on Ibiza at all costs, and meets lots of exceptional people in the attempt.

Freaks (2018)

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In this genre-bending psychological sci-fi thriller, a bold girl discovers a bizarre, threatening, and mysterious new world beyond her front door after she escapes her father's protective and paranoid control.

The Standoff at Sparrow Creek (2018)

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A former cop-turned-militia man investigates a shooting at a police funeral.

Patient Zero (2018)

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After an unprecedented global pandemic turns the majority of humankind into violent "Infected," a man gifted with the ability to speak the Infected's new language leads the last survivors on a hunt for Patient Zero and a cure.

The Boxcar Children: Surprise Island (2018)

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The continuing adventures of Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny as they spend the summer on their grandfather's private island.

A. I. Tales (2018)

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Four filmmakers' award-winning, science fiction-based short stories about space travel, family, and artificial intelligence.

Tel Aviv on Fire (2018)

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Salam, an inexperienced young Palestinian man, becomes a writer on a popular soap opera after a chance meeting with an Israeli soldier. His creative career is on the rise - until the ...

Neproshchennyy (2018)

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Dmitriy Nagiev,Michael Gor,Sebastien Sisak,Monika Gossmann,Mikhail Safronov,

Ride (2018)

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Lorenzo Richelmy,Simone Labarga,Ludovic Hughes,

Le cahier noir (2018)

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Lou de Laâge,Stanislas Merhar,Niels Schneider,Jenna Thiam,David Caracol,

Running Out Of Time (2018)

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Tyrone Evans Clark,Dustin Harnish,Telma Hopkins,Sydney Elise Johnson,Joel Layogan,

Ballon (2018)

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Friedrich Mücke,Karoline Schuch,Alicia von Rittberg,David Kross,Thomas Kretschmann,

Sweeney Killing Sweeney (2018)

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Aging local standup comic Sweeney, "The Character King", gets an opportunity to do a national cable show out of Los Angeles. The only caveat is that Sweeney must drop the locally referenced...

Oh! Squints III (2018)

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Chee Chuan Ang,Chee Chuan Ang,

Mouthpiece (2018)

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Cassandra, who is portrayed by the two women, expresses the opposing voices that exist inside the modern woman's head, during a 48-hour period as she tries to organize the affairs for her mother's funeral.